Kampala is home to thousands of Ugandan businesses and major international and regional companies and organizations, including the headquarters of the East African Development Bank and the Makerere University, one of East and Central Africa’s premier institutes of higher learning.

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About EATP

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Nairobi is one of the most prominent cities in Africa both politically and financially. Home to thousands of Kenyan businesses and major international companies and organizations, including the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the main coordinating office and headquarters for the United Nations in Africa & Middle East, the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON), Nairobi is an established hub for business and tourism.

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Safari rally

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East Africa community hosts a number of events year in year out and Safari rally is among them. The East Africa safari rally is regarded as the toughest, most grueling competition that demanded both man and machine to be in top condition. Held over the Easter holiday, the rally crisscrossed three East African countries, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Another safari rally event that takes place in Kenya one of the East Africa countries is the KCB rally which includes the players from different parts of the EAC region who come to take part in the rally.
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Marathon is one of the events that have been taking place in the East African countries for a long time. This kind of events help in bringing the people of these nations together and also they help in spreading peace and raising funds for charity. Kenya is known for such events since it is a power house of long distance runners since the 1960s Kipchoge Keino, Paul Tergat among many other athletes. In Kenya there is usually the Kenya Airways Maasai Mara national reserve marathon, Lewa marathon, stanchart marathon among many others. In Rwanda there is Kigali international marathon, in Uganda there is Kampala marathon, in Tanzania there is Kilimanjaro marathon and safari international marathon, and in Burundi they have Bujumbura marathon.
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Rugby in East Africa is a big sport Kenya being among the best rugby teams in the world and in Africa. In 1950s the East African Rugby union was established and it included members from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania but with majority coming from Kenya which was regarded as a power house for rugby players. Elgon cup is the most famous tournament that takes place in East Africa including teams from all the countries that are in the East Africa Community hence this becomes one of the major events that take place in EAC.
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In East Africa we have a number of festivals that take place including inter schools music festivals, drama festivals, film festivals, cultural festivals for example in Kenya there is Loiyangalani cultural festival, Lamu cultural festival, camel derby in Samburu among others, in Uganda there is Sundance film festival, Kampala city festival, Jali Festival etc. in Tanzania there is Manga Pwani cultural festival.
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Trade Fairs and Expos

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East Africa hosts different types of trade fairs and expos all year round and this helps different organizations both international and local to show case the products that they have to offer to the market.

If you love fun and adventure, Kenya is a melting pot with an endless array of activities and destinations that promise undiluted fun. East Africa has unusual, exotic, remote and wilderness attractions that meet the expectations and tastes of varied enthusiasts of fun and adventure. The region has an array of activities and destinations that promise that fun and adrenaline kind of adventure.

Enjoy wildlife safaris, bird watching, windsurfing, horseback riding, golfing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, mountain biking, snorkeling, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, mountain climbing, hiking, fishing, , gorilla trekking, heritage & cultural tours, white water rafting, deep sea diving &fishing, water sports, rock climbing, bungee jumping, paragliding, sky diving, zip lining just to mention a few. There is something for everyone.

The climate of East Africa is typically equatorial with high temperatures year round and little seasonal variation, especially closer to the equator. Climatic conditions vary from tropical to temperate, depending on altitude. There are two rain seasons: the long rains from late March to early May, and the short rains, from late October to early December. Temperatures, except on the hot and generally humid coastal belt, are moderate with highs of 25 °C (77 °F) and lows of 15°C (59 °F) at an altitude of 1,500 meters (4,921 ft.). At altitudes above 2,500 meters (8,202 ft.), frosts are common during the dry season and highs are typically around 21 °C (70 °F) or less.