Near Rutana, in the southeastern part of the country, you’ll find some spectacular waterfalls, which are especially breathtaking from October to January. There’s no public transportation to the area, so charter a private taxi for the day. Saga Beach: This remote beach along Lake Tanganyika boasts miles of powdery, white sand and clear, turquoise waters. It’s thought to be one of the best beaches in East Africa. Source du Nil: It may look unimpressive, but to Burundians this little spring, high on the slopes of Mount Kikizi, is known as the southernmost source of the Nile. (Ugandans dispute that claim, insisting that the source is on their land. Musée Vivant: One of the few still-operating museums in Burundi, the Musée Vivant, in Bujumbura, is both a reconstructed traditional Burundian village and a small zoo stocked with local fish, birds, and snakes.
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The Lakes in East Africa are either fresh water lakes or salty water lakes. Lake Victoria shared by Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda and Lake Victoria is known for being the source of river Nile with the source being in Uganda, Lake Turkana is known for being home to the largest number of crocodiles in Africa. Lake Tangayika in Tanzania is the second deepest lake in the world. Lake Natron is known as the breeding site foe the large number of flamingoes while Lake Nakuru is known to flock flamingoes for feeding. Lake Bogoria is known for its hot springs and geysers.
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The vegetation in East Africa Is varied from, equatorial forests, bamboo forests, mangrove forests, moorlands, afro-alpine, savanna grasslands and the semi deserts.
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Coastal Towns

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Coastal towns are rich in culture, festivities and rich history the coastal towns are in the Kenyan and Tanzanian Coast and they include Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu and Zanzibar.
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Diverse culture

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If there is a place where culture is represented is East Africa with Tanzania having the highest number of tribes 120, Kenya 42 with the smallest tribe being El Molo with less than 300 people who are pure El Molos, Uganda 40 tribes and Rwanda Burundi having 3 tribes in common. With these tribes come different cultures and ways of life. For anyone wanting to experience culture East Africa is the best place to visit.
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Mountains /Ranges

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Mountains and ranges are the heart of most countries with some being the water towers of these individual countries, the habitat to most Wildlife. Mountains include: Mt. Kilimanjaro which is the highest in Africa, Mt. Kenya boasts of its snow peak while located at the equator. Aberdare Ranges which is the home to Karuru Falls the highest Falls in East and Central Africa. Other mountains and ranges include Mt. Elgon which borders Kenya and Uganda, Virunga mountains which runs from Uganda to Rwanda, Mt Ruwenzori in Uganda, and Mt. Heha in Burundi. The Mountains of the Moon in Ruwenzori National Park are the highest range in Africa.
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National Parks

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National Parks in East Africa community are unique and diverse in the ranging activities that one can take in the parks one can enjoy wildlife safaris, bird watching and in some parks mountain and rock climbing. The Mara and Serengeti having the seventh wonder of the world the wildebeest migration.

One of Africa's most ancient rainforests can be found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. Tracking gorillas is the nation's most-sought-after tourist activity and requires booking in advance.

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Wild coast

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Rugged and untamed, the Wild Coast offers mangrove forests, deep sea diving, cosy hotels, archipelagoes, marine parks, Water sports.
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Historical sites

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East Africa has different historical sites in all the different countries giving the country a unique history. The historical sites include; fort Jesus, Gede Ruins, Koole Ruins, Kunduchi Ruins, Namugongo martyr’s shrine, Kasubi Tombs, Kigali Genocide Memorial and Many others

Mombasa, an important regional business and tourism hub along the Indian Ocean, is supported by a large sea port and international airport. Mombasa Island itself is not the main attraction, although the Old Town and Fort Jesus are key attractions. The beaches located north and south of the city are key attractions that host several luxury hotels and resorts with magnificent views of the Indian Ocean.