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Virunga Mountain Ranges is one of only two places in the world where it is possible to visit the endangered Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat. Virunga Mountain Ranges spans three countries - Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. The mountain ranges is comprised of a chain of 8 volcanoes, with 3 that peak at 4,127m, 3,674m and 3,474m in Uganda; and 5 that peak at 4,507m ,4,127m, 3,711m, 3,674m and 3,474m in Rwanda. These volcanoes are extinct, except for two which are located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The mountain ranges are surrounded with a cover of bamboo and mountain forest, and are home to striking plant and animal species, with the most prominent being the endangered mountain gorilla and diverse bird species. This is the home of the world’s most famed and rewarding Gorilla trekking Safaris - in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable Forest and Rwanda’s Volcanoes National park. These parks also boast rich ecosystems, home to plenty of mammal, bird, and reptile and plant species. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, also located within Virunga mountain ranges, also offers gorilla trekking safaris. Hiking on these volcanoes reveals scenic surroundings due to the rich surrounding ecosystems.

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