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Land of colorful diversity and a cultural experience like no other. Cultural and Heritage activities include trekking tours and pristine national parks and the magical unmissable royal Drums of Gishora in full thundering action.' e

Enjoy and admire the cultural customs of Burundi have to offer. The sight of the drummers known as the Abatimbo play the royal sacred drums and jump high in the air as Intore warriors dance to a marvel like no other. Catch the beautiful and elegant sight of the female dancers who will leave you dazzled and yearning for more.undefined.
Arts and crafts are of core importance in Burundi. Visit art galleries and restaurants in Bujumbura to view all the arts displayed by aspiring artists . Basketwork, weaving and pottery are all crafts valued by the culture. Many craftsmen also design their own masks, statues, and shields and display their handcrafts at markets and shops centrally located throughout the country for anyone desiring to purchase and carry a souvenir .
Like any other part of Africa when people get together for an event, they have a traditional beverage and in Burundi they drink sorgho beer (mpeke) or else banana wine (urwawa) together around a big bowl symbolizing their unity. Music an important part of any gathering, events and big celebrations drummers are always in sight for performing. Drummers play an important role in Burundian culture. Their skill underlies a rich cultural heritage when drumming was once a way of passing messages among and between communities.

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