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Cradle of mankind a well diversified richness of endowed culture and heritage drawn from the 42 ethnic communities. Cultural and Heritage tours rage from the traditional visits to heritage and historical safaris, wildlife safaris and various cultural festivals.

Kenya's great and hospitable people: Kenya is home to many rich in tradition, vibrant and diverse people living in harmony with one another and the natural surroundings in which they play an important role in preserving its diverse history. Their ability to successfully adapt and live in challenging terrain and their vast collection of oral literature, art, way of life and music has garnered them regional and international admiration.
Historical and Cultural Sites: Apart from the renown museums, there are a variety of cultural and historical sites to indulge in for the best of cultural experience Kenya has to offer. This includes a variety of forests, ruins that are well dated to the 13th century, monuments and towns. one cannot run out of unique cultural sites to visit with a number UNESCO World Heritage sites around the country which range from ruins to national parks with a unique story to tell including the archeological sites for mankind Koobi Fora in the northern part of Kenya.
Festivals and Celebration: From traditional inspired festivals to the modern kind of festivals and celebration Kenya will indulge all that and much more. This festivities range from traditional music and sports to the modern kind of music. From the annual Maulidi celebrations in Lamu to the bullfights of Kakamega, the Maasai Eunoto to the Mombasa cultural carnival, there are enough festivals, events and ceremonies to fill a calendar and ensure that there is always something new and exciting to experience, anywhere anytime

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