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Besides, the richness it has on natural resources e.g. Wildlife, water bodies like Ocean, Lakes & Rivers, Minerals etc. it has a lot on cultural and natural heritages which goes back as far as period of Dinosaur to very recently of our time, homo sapiens sapiens. Tanzania is one of the few countries in the world that is well endowed in archaeological, paleontological and historical resources. The Tanzania culture is attributed to the language, painting, sculpture, national anthem, popular dance music and art.' e

The Cradle of Mankind: Tanzania is home to some of the oldest human settlements on earth. Fossils found in and around Ol Duvai Gorge in the Northern Tanzania include paranthropus bones thought to be over 2 million years old and the Laetolli footprints, which are the oldest Known footprints of our ancestral estimated to be 3.6 million years old.
Captivating Culture, welcoming people: From the Swahili people to the Chagga who inhabit the slopes of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania people are as diverse as the land itself. Vibrant and welcoming, They offer a heritage rich in song, dance, music, theatre and the Makonde Sculpture and art. The cusine is diverse ranging from the spicy Zanzibar food to the cosmopolitan choices of Dar es Salaam and Arusha.

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