East Africa’s offers a variety of offers in spas - there are bush spas, country spas, coastal spas and urban spas on offer. These tranquil havens give one time to pause and replenish the energy levels in a calm environment far away from frenetic everyday life.

East Africa’s wining and dining – ranging from the Local delicacies to the luxurious gourmet menu’s - offer the entire spectrum of regional and international delights to please the palate.
A mix of elegant sophistication and vibrant buzz of the Cities, the exotic ambiance of the wild plains and savanna’s, the ocean-scented magic of coastal beaches, All for the taking in East Africa!

See the newest and freshest, styles created by established and up and coming designers from East Africa. Drawing from centuries of cultural collisions, the brightly colored traditional patterns of kanga and kitenge from Eastern Africa, and a one-of-a-kind modern island sensibility, designs showcased from Fashion festivals for example, at Fashion Week Zanzibar, designers will showcase the best and most unique style in the region.

Most capital cities and major towns in East Africa are host to a number of high end shopping malls that have a good number of global brands and restaurants with the latest must-have collectables and brands, shopaholics are spoiled for choice and brand. For one looking to buy African artifacts and curios filled with collectable handicrafts to bargain-stuffed, numerous “Markets” exist in strategic locations for your convenience.